Social Media Brings New Business, Higher Turnover And Profits

by admin on September 26, 2011

A survey shows that social media is a necessity for business. NEW YORK (TheStreet) shows an increasing number of global companies according presence in

social media generates new business, increase revenue and profits.

Benefits of business social networking is not just in terms of communication, but also a strategic perspective and integration.

Social media is the perfect place to share, so here is a distribution of 23 high-level figures and statistics that can break down the jaw and get hamster wheel turning in the head.

  1. In the United States has 149 million active users of Facebook, 70% go once a day – Ogilvy & Buddy
  2. Accounts of social media ~ 25% of total time online more than 35 minutes to an hour – Nielsen  Social Media
  3. Facebook accounted for 8.93% of total visits to the site in the United States. All the features of Google’s YouTube, Gmail, Google accounted for 9.85% – Experian Hitwise
  4. 64% of Facebook users like to have a mark on Facebook – ExactTarget
  5. In 2012, half of Internet users worldwide, a billion people, one Facebook account – TIME (7.12 to 03/01-version)
  6. Fastest growing demographic of Facebook is 17 to 35 – TIME
  7. 43% of Facebook users, “as opposed to” mark to market, due to excessive pressure – ExactTarget
  8. 46% of Internet users around the world, interact with social media on a daily basis, according to TNS
  9. 25% of social media users are more likely to look in a brand advertising on social media – Adology
  10. 15% of these users are more likely to buy advertisers social media – Adology
  11. 38% of micro and small businesses that use social networks if they had more time or a solution of management practice – Vistaprint
  12. 46% of owners of small businesses use social media – Vistaprint
  13. $ 4260000000 dollars will be spent on social media marketing in the world in 2011 – eMarketer
  14. 17% of U.S. online consumers have created a Twitter account – ExactTarget
  15. 48% of Twitter users to check their account at least once a day – ExactTarget
  16. 71% of Twitter users can expect to receive marketing material via the platform – ExactTarget
  17. 41% of users who did not have marks on Twitter because they were too commercialized – ExactTarget
  18. 46% of Twitter users to meet friends more personal than in 2009 – Demystifying social
  19. 78.6% of consumers have joined the business information companies – Universal McCann
  20. 71% of community members say they are more likely to buy a brand – Universal McCann
  21. 66% of the community that the community has become more loyal to the brand – Universal McCann
  22. 63% of the business community said they would recommend the brand to their friends / family – Universal McCann
  23. 2011 Ford Explorer to launch a Facebook has produced 200% higher than the Super Bowl – case studies, social media, stories, perspectives

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