Coca-Cola Consumer and Enterprise Branded WordPress CMS Hosting Migration Project


  • Leadership requested to lower the hosting costs and improve performance / security for the WordPress CMS branded product.


  • Vendor Analysis and manager approval to migrate all WordPress Content Product Sites from CenturyLink Hosting to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Maintained close working relationships with management to understand technology goals and requirements.
  • Provided functional product leadership, support and guidance to the project teams during the analysis, development and testing processes.
  • Communicated project vision and negotiated migration schedule with agencies, managers, and stakeholders.
  • Established and maintained strong working relationships with all IT and business partner teams.
  • Participated with the development and maintenance of functional and technical system strategies focusing on systems integration.
  • Facilitated system integration by working with 2nd Watch  AWS architecture team, 10up WP vendor, WP developers, and managers to remove impediments and keep project on track.
  • Ensured issues were being reported, tracked and resolved in JIRA Project Management Tool.
  • Managed and tracked scope, dependencies, pre-requisites, AWS environments, SSL, SAML, CodeCommit, UAT, and DNS changeover.
  • Identified and communicated risks (business, application, technical) associated with component or application implementation.
  • Coordinated the execution of the stage and production environment testing with the project teams.
  • Governed CodeCommit training and new deployment processes.
  • Documented system integration and delivery (design, build, & deploy) of product procedures, processes, workflows, and design standards.


  • New and existing branded products fully migrated to new AWS environment with:
    • Improved Content Product Performance.
    • Enhanced the Performance of WordPress Content Product.
    • Improved scalability.
    • Reduced hosting costs.
    • Increased security with enterprise level services.
    • Automatic disaster recovery with infrastructure design.
    • Ability to make quick system changes.
  • Systems Integration of AWS, WordPress, Google Analysts, Salesforce, Plugins, and monitoring tools Splunk and AppDynamics.
  • Consumer and Enterprise WordPress Sites included: