Unleash Your Organization’s Potential with Agile Excellence

Are you ready to take your organization to new heights and achieve Agile excellence?

As a results-driven Agile Transformation Coach, Leader, and Senior Scrum Master, I am here to empower your organization on this transformative journey. With over 20 years of experience in IT, software development, and eCommerce, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you seamlessly transition to Agile methodologies.

Why Choose My Services?

I have a proven track record of driving organizational change and delivering successful Agile projects. Renowned companies such as Xylem, Siemens Healthineers, Kontoor Brands, Verizon, and Coca-Cola have all benefited from my expertise, making significant strides in their Agile transformations. As a certified Scrum Master, Safe 6 Agilist, and Senior Scrum Master, I bring a diverse skill set to the table.

Results-Oriented Approach

I begin by carefully assessing your team’s current state and understanding the unique challenges you face. This allows me to design a customized coaching plan tailored to your organization’s objectives, setting clear goals for maximum effectiveness. My focus is on delivering impactful results that drive tangible business outcomes.

Creating an Empowered Environment

I believe in fostering an environment of communication and empowerment, where team members feel comfortable sharing ideas, collaborating effectively, and taking ownership of their work. Through comprehensive training, your team will acquire the necessary Agile skills and knowledge, from Scrum fundamentals to advanced Agile practices. This ensures they thrive in an Agile environment and contribute to your organization’s success.

Collaboration and Continuous Improvement

High-performing teams rely on collaboration, knowledge sharing, and trust. I facilitate activities and workshops that foster these qualities, building a strong foundation for your team’s success. Continuous improvement is at the core of Agile, and I provide timely feedback and coaching to help your team adapt and grow throughout the coaching journey. By monitoring and measuring performance using key metrics, we make data-driven adjustments to ensure optimal results.

Optimized Agile Project Management and Reporting

With my expertise in tools such as Jira, Align, and Confluence, I optimize Agile project management and reporting. I configure and customize Jira Align to align with your organizational workflows, enabling strategic planning and providing visibility and alignment across teams and portfolios. Leveraging Confluence reporting tools, I create structured and visually appealing documentation for effective collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Let’s Connect and Drive Your Agile Initiatives Forward

I am passionate about driving Agile transformations, coaching teams, and achieving exceptional outcomes. If you’re seeking a results-oriented Agile Transformation Coach and Leader with a strong background in Agile methodologies, team management, and tool expertise, I am here to support your organization’s success.

Visit https://linkedin.com/in/RoxieThomas to learn more about my background and explore the possibilities of unleashing your organization’s potential through Agile excellence. Reach out to me via LinkedIn, email or phone/text at (404) 454-9500.

Let’s partner together on this transformative journey. Contact me today, and let’s unlock your organization’s Agile excellence!